For None And All


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"For None And All" was recorded entirely on analogue tape. No digital editing or computer trickery took place, just many hours of hard live playing.


released May 13, 2016

Produced, recorded and mixed by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in November and December of 2015
Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs, January 2016
Front cover art by Adam Burke
Layout, reverse cover, insert by Branca Studio
Photography by Cara McKenna
Logo and title by Sean Coggins

Thank you to our families, friends and supporters for making this record possible.

© & Ⓟ SPELL 2016 / /



all rights reserved


SPELL Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: Madame Psychosis
Madame Psychosis

As I sank into my mind
Complacent not satisfied
She fell upon me by surprise

A gaze that thawed what once was numb
The voice that found me struck me dumb
Could only shiver in her sun

Look into her eyes
And if she calls out your name
Then you’ll need her
Listen to her voice
No matter what she says
You’ll believe her

Alone and wretched on the shore
Worthless till I found some more
Nothing left here to adore

My purpose suddenly came clear
At any cost I’ll draw her near
And cease to suffer pain and fear

Without return I willingly
Both disfigure her and me
Veil my love with tragedy

With every breath her name I’ll sing
And give myself to suffering
No matter what this fate will bring
Track Name: Whipping Sigils
Whipping Sigils

I whip the sigils
Command the names
You must obey me now or
Return again to the flames

You stand before me
I’m overcome
For I cannot perceive you
In the form which you’ve become

Within this circle
You heed my word
But once I step outside
A slave I am and you my lord

Please hear my warning
Don’t tempt your fate
The powers that you summon
Will destroy you, it’s too late
Track Name: Too Late
Too Late

Too late

One thousand miles across the sea
A single candle burns for me
Though its flame shines bright today
With every hour wax drips away

Beacon shine and guide my soul across the water
Lungs will fill without you and I'll be pulled under

One thousand miles across the land
A flower's held by faltering hand
Though it blooms now bright and tall
With every moment pedals fall

Without light to guide my way I'm doomed to wander
Without beauty life is lost
Track Name: The Sickness Unto Death
The Sickness unto Death

We shall return
I know for sure
If time won't tell
I surely will

Bind my arms
Tie my legs
Drink this poison
To the last dregs
Breathe this dust in
To my last breath
Feed this sickness
Unto death

We shall return
I know for sure
It's growing late
I've sealed my fate
Track Name: River of Sleep
River of Sleep

I lay down one bright evening
In a cold dark mountain stream
Where the echoes of my heartbeat
Were heard only by the trees

And the water washed over me
As seasons whispered over me
My blood flowed towards the sea
And there I felt eternity

Oh, the birds perched near to see
As the children of earth feasted on me
My body returns to nothing
Overcome with joy, I began to sing
Track Name: The Veil
The Veil

Far from home, break of day
All alone, my own way
No escape, leave this place
Never rest, on we race

Cus we can't begin to see
What's beyond this sanity, long to be set free

Watch reality crumble
It means nothing to me
People falter and stumble
Doomed to absurdity
Into the void I surrender
To gaze beyond the wall
Out of my mind I will venture
To learn we must fall

Sacrifice my own life
Rise above mortal strife
Learn to see reality
As an art preformed by me
Track Name: Dark Desires
Dark Desires

Please go mercifully to sleep
Into a dream so much less bleak
Another world keeps you entranced
A battered mind at last relaxed
I lie awake, a bridge between
Your cold hard world and peaceful dream
Can't watch you rise up once again
To face this world of suffering

Each night inspires
These dark desires

Beneath a veil, your smile betrays
What your conscience dares not say
The truth is not just physical
It dwells amongst the beautiful
May steady hand do right by you
I'll bear this burden for us two
With one last breath I set you free
May you dream eternally
Track Name: Vanitas

“Once I was what you are,
Though the distance seems so far
Do not fear this certainty:
I am now what you shall be”

As I fled from deep despair
Paralyzed by doubt and fear
Tore myself from nostalgic dreams
Something caught me suddenly

I pressed on with energy
My lungs heaved in harmony
As I sang I came to see
The music came from none but me

Three ancient princes lay before me
They took up as I faltered
Harmonizing solemnly
“We are what you shall be”
And I realized my song
Had been their epitaph all along
Track Name: The Sphinx