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savamaiden One of the best records of this decade. It's very unique, mystical and simply thrilling. I want to add that these guys are really likeable - if you order a record, you get a handwritten letter and some nice stuff (thanx by the way). Favorite track: The Sickness Unto Death.
Not RomanPort
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Not RomanPort There's some great writing and musicianship at work here. Cool vocals and a great vibe. Excellent. Favorite track: River of Sleep.
MindOverFour thumbnail
MindOverFour I dare you to listen to the first track and not hear the Beatles' "We Can Work it Out" in the chorus. The melodies on the whole record are that catchy. Musically, you have a slightly heavier and progressive slab of classic early heavy metal, akin to Praying Mantis' 1981 NWOBHM classic "Time Tells No Lies." There is a reverbed out production that gives it a retro feel, and the most excellent and effective use of backing vocals I have heard in a really long time. 2016 top contender. Favorite track: Madame Psychosis.
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As I sank into my mind Complacent not satisfied She fell upon me by surprise A gaze that thawed what once was numb The voice that found me struck me dumb Could only shiver in her sun Look into her eyes And if she calls out your name Then you’ll need her Listen to her voice No matter what she says You’ll believe her Alone and wretched on the shore Worthless till I found some more Nothing left here to adore My purpose suddenly came clear At any cost I’ll draw her near And cease to suffer pain and fear Without return I willingly Both disfigure her and me Veil my love with tragedy With every breath her name I’ll sing And give myself to suffering No matter what this fate will bring
I whip the sigils Command the names You must obey me now or Return again to the flames You stand before me I’m overcome For I cannot perceive you In the form which you’ve become Within this circle You heed my word But once I step outside A slave I am and you my lord Please hear my warning Don’t tempt your fate The powers that you summon Will destroy you, it’s too late
Return Return Return Too late One thousand miles across the sea A single candle burns for me Though its flame shines bright today With every hour wax drips away Beacon shine and guide my soul across the water Lungs will fill without you and I'll be pulled under One thousand miles across the land A flower's held by faltering hand Though it blooms now bright and tall With every moment pedals fall Without light to guide my way I'm doomed to wander Without beauty life is lost
We shall return I know for sure If time won't tell I surely will Bind my arms Tie my legs Drink this poison To the last dregs Breathe this dust in To my last breath Feed this sickness Unto death We shall return I know for sure It's growing late I've sealed my fate
I lay down one bright evening In a cold dark mountain stream Where the echoes of my heartbeat Were heard only by the trees And the water washed over me As seasons whispered over me My blood flowed towards the sea And there I felt eternity Oh, the birds perched near to see As the children of earth feasted on me My body returns to nothing Overcome with joy, I began to sing
Far from home, break of day All alone, my own way No escape, leave this place Never rest, on we race Cus we can't begin to see What's beyond this sanity, long to be set free Watch reality crumble It means nothing to me People falter and stumble Doomed to absurdity Into the void I surrender To gaze beyond the wall Out of my mind I will venture To learn we must fall Sacrifice my own life Rise above mortal strife Learn to see reality As an art preformed by me
Please go mercifully to sleep Into a dream so much less bleak Another world keeps you entranced A battered mind at last relaxed I lie awake, a bridge between Your cold hard world and peaceful dream Can't watch you rise up once again To face this world of suffering Each night inspires These dark desires Beneath a veil, your smile betrays What your conscience dares not say The truth is not just physical It dwells amongst the beautiful May steady hand do right by you I'll bear this burden for us two With one last breath I set you free May you dream eternally
“Once I was what you are, Though the distance seems so far Do not fear this certainty: I am now what you shall be” As I fled from deep despair Paralyzed by doubt and fear Tore myself from nostalgic dreams Something caught me suddenly I pressed on with energy My lungs heaved in harmony As I sang I came to see The music came from none but me Three ancient princes lay before me They took up as I faltered Harmonizing solemnly “We are what you shall be” And I realized my song Had been their epitaph all along


As any true devotee will recognise, the creation of heavy metal that genuinely chills the blood and raises the goosebumps is about more than carefully constructed stylistic posturing, more than slavish devotion to the diabolus-in-musica rulebook, and more than a devotedly purchased vinyl collection of crypt-kicking classics. It’s a feeling, an atmosphere, and an attitude that together prove hard to quantify, and even harder for the casually acquainted to summon. No such worries for Vancouver’s Spell however, who display on their second full-length and Bad Omen Records debut For None And All that they’re in possession of more heart, chutzpah and sinister sleight-of-hand than a dozen of their contemporaries.

Spell, a power-trio comprising Cam Mesmer (lead vocals/bass) Graham McVie (guitars/backing vocals) and Lester Spectre (drums/backing vocals) started out life as Stryker, playing ‘80s-inspired and thrash-damaged metal, before they made the decision to change their moniker to better reflect the more oracular style that was evolving in splendid isolation in British Columbia. “I like the mysterious sort of mood that the name 'Spell' sets” explains Cam. “So much of this world is focused on elucidating, deciphering, explaining the world around us. That's too analytical and pedantic for me. I believe there is just as much value in mystifying, shrouding, cyphering. The only real truth is one you arrive at yourself, so it won't help if I tell you what to think. Take what you want from it. I'd like Spell to be a force in that direction.”

Looming into the darker quarters of the consciousness like some gloriously nightmarish analgam of the mystical ambience of the ‘70s and the jagged attack of the ‘80s, For None And All makes no secrets of the classics that have informed its feverish drive, yet Mesmer insists that the band see themselves as a contemporary beast. “Although obviously we love 70's bands and idealize a time when rock 'n roll could be loud and weird and unique and experimental without being so self-conscious, we don't consider ourselves to be a throwback or pastiche act in any way” Indeed, whilst the discerning listener will be able to hear traces of the mystical aura of Blue Öyster Cult and the seductive contortions of King Crimson and Rush on For None And All, and also the malevolent and righteous bravura that Judas Priest and Scorpions made manifest throughout the ages, what Spell excel in more so is a suspension of disbelief that transforms these infectious psychodramas and tales of the supernatural into a turbulent and tempestuous psychic shockwave that raises pulse-rates as easily as it haunts the dreams.

“If there's a horror element to our sound, it's because the world is a horrifying (and wonderful) place” reckons Mesmer. “We all struggle to find ways to nail down some meaning or rationalization to explain why we're here suffering, but I don't really believe in this. Existing is terrifying – be terrified, and love that terror.” Make no mistake, this is a band with a formidable grasp on their chosen metier, and their self-styled ‘hypnotising heavy metal - as chronicled on For None And All - is a delirious and life-affirming elixir indeed.


released May 13, 2016

Cam Mesmer – Bass/Lead Vocals
Al Lester – Drums/Backing Vocals
Graham McVie – Guitars/Synthesizers

Additional backing vocals by JP Abboud and The Grand Inquisitor

All music by Spell
Lyrics by Cam Mesmer, except Whipping Sigils by Al Lester

Produced, recorded and mixed by Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in November, 2015
Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs, January 2016
Cover photography by Cara McKenna
Logo by Sean Coggins


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SPELL Vancouver, British Columbia


Cam Mesmer - bass/vocals

Al Lester - drums/vocals

Graham McVie - guitars/synthesizers

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